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Understanding Grievers

Image by Ava Sol

Even though grievers look normal on the outside, sometimes they can feel held against their will by grief.

At times they can’t break out of this new place back into their old life even when they try really hard.

Face Sculpture
Image by Tyler Nix

Which is exactly what they need from us in order to heal.

We, however, can step over into their new world for a little while to give them support.

All it takes

is one word

That’s why it’s up to us to

Be a Bridge

over to them.

Image by rm in


…they can’t call us back

…or stand up for themselves

…or tell us what they need

Dog Dressed as Butterfly

Grievers know what they don’t need.

They don’t need our advice, tiny suggestions, silver linings or questions.

They need our bravery.

Sketched Notice Board

Grief is demanding and embarrassing in the paces it puts them through.


So our grieving friend needs to know that

we won’t be scared off by their mourning,

no matter what.

The essence of

Be a Bridge Condolences

is simple!

This is how to truly help a wounded soul.
Reach out sooner
rather than later!
Say your own version of
I’m so sorry,
I love you,
I’m with you.
Then listen.


This site has many solutions for people looking for answers on how to help their grieving friend.

You can go to

Let's Talk! 

where friends and family and grievers can talk about the many ways we can help a griever.

My Blog 

I share ideas close to a griever’s heart.

To get a comprehensive and condensed look at

what to say

and what to do

for your grieving friend…

Get my book

Condolences Pocket Guide:

What to Say and Not to Say to Grievers

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We’re here to support you to

Be a Bridge!

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