Author Dana Lacy Amarisa talks about the Be a Bridge project and how it started

Image by Umer Sayyam

The Author

What I Did

Our Mission

Surviving the loss of my daughter, then my dad, and then my son in a 20-month period caused me to quickly develop a very personal relationship with just about every version of the worst thing we can say to a grieving friend. Before these losses changed my life, I was the person saying many of those same hurtful condolences! After my losses, grief transported me to the other side of a giant but invisible canyon from my friends and family, and none of us knew how to bridge the gap.

So I decided to look into this dilemma. For the better part of 15 years I conducted formal and informal interviews with grievers and their support people to see what worked for them and why. I wrote and re-wrote what is now the handy little Condolences Pocket Guide, my Blog, and a section to Ask me Anything where we can meet and talk about how to help our grieving friend.

Be A Bridge! Learn to say Be A Bridge Condolences to connect with your grieving friend.