It's also a site for grievers who want to share what has helped them while grieving

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This is a site for friends and family of grievers

"To bridge the great divide that often exists between the griever and us, we must first become conscious of our own feelings about death and loss."

-Dana Lacy Amarisa
Be a Bridge Condolences
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Life is short, but what can you say afterwards?

When that moment arrives and a friend, colleague, or family member is grieving a loss, we all want to reach out and help. We say a condolence we’ve heard others say, hug them, or keep silent and wait until our friend comes back.

Is this the best thing we could do? What is the best thing to say to our friend?

Are we really being supportive? Could we have made it worse?

Grievers have been changed by their loss but we not as much. This creates an invisible divide between our grieving friend and us.

But we can bridge this gap!

We’re here

to support you to learn

how to

Be a Bridge

over to your grieving friend!

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A person who feels great sorrow or grief.


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Get answers to your concerns where friends and family can dialog with grievers who want to share answers to our concerns.

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Check out my BLOG, written by me, Dana Lacy Amarisa.

I suffered a lot of losses at once, but I’ve lived to tell about what hurts, what helps and why.

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Read my Condolences Pocket Guide for more detailed help with this delicate subject. 

Read what others are saying Learn about how to console

A place where friends and family can dialog with grievers to get answers to concerns.

“I really don’t know what to say to my friend whose husband just died. I want to help, but…"

I suffered a lot of losses in a short period, so I got up close and personal with most condolences. Learn why hurtful condolences even exist, and how we can help our griever instead!
Packed with practical details!
  • Steps for giving grievers what they really need
  • Why trying to make them feel good never works
  • Lists of helpful and not-so-helpful condolences
  • What grievers are going through
Get your copy NOW!
and bring it with you, so you can always Be a Bridge to your grieving friend.

The story behind this website....

I'm Dana Lacy Amarisa, the author of Condolences Pocket Guide and the blog. Check out how I came to be so passionate about helping friends and family Be a Bridge to their griever.

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